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2014, Trinidad & Tobago



Programa de Trinidad & Tobago 2014


Cuerpo Docente

Estos son algunos de los docentes que pasaron por SSIG 2014


Bernadette Lewis

bernadette lewisBernadette Lewis’ career in telecommunications spans a period of more than twenty years. She acquired her technical skills working at the engineering and managerial levels with the national service provider, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd.

In 2000, with her appointment as the technical Manager for the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organisations (CANTO), her activities extended to regional information and communications issues.

Ms. Lewis was appointed to the position of Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) in August, 2003. Her mission for the organization is to ensure that that the citizens of the region have affordable access to, and are able to derive tangible benefit from the effective use of information and communication technologies.

Under her guidance, the CTU has been addressing the issue of Internet Governance on behalf of the Caribbean. Since 2005, the CTU has held annual Caribbean Internet Governance Fora, which have contributed to the development of a harmonized policy framework for Internet governance in the Caribbean.

Ms. Lewis holds a BSc. from The University of the West Indies and Masters Degree from Aston University in the United Kingdom.

Rupert Griffith

rupert griffithFirst elected to Parliament in 1991 and served until 1995 as the representative of the constituency of Arima.

In 1995 he was appointed Deputy Speaker, and also acted as Speaker of the House of Representatives between August and December of that year. Having been successfully re-elected he again served the constituency of Arima as its Member of Parliament until 1997 as a member of the Opposition People's National Movement from 1995 to 1997.

He was a Member of the Cabinet of the United National Congress Government from 1997 to 2000 during which period he served as Minister of Information, Communication, Training and Distance Learning.

On January 12, 2001, Dr Griffith was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives and he served in that capacity until April 2002.

On May 24, 2010, Dr. Griffith was again elected to the House of Representatives, this time as the Member for Toco/Sangre Grande. He was appointed Minister of Science and Technology on June 23, 2012.

Dr. Griffith holds a Masters Degree in Career and Industrial Technology Education, and a PhD in Education Administration and Supervision. He is married to Mrs. Sandra Ray Griffith and is the father of three.

Mike Yeh

myehMike Yeh is the Assistant General Counsel responsible for the Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector business. He joined Microsoft in 2003 and has worked in the Antitrust Group in Redmond, Washington, and as part of Microsoft’s Law & Corporate Affairs team in Asia, where he was most recently the Director of Regulatory Affairs. He has worked on a range of regulatory matters from competition law to privacy and security policy. His work today is focused on helping public sector customers navigate the policy and regulatory issues that may arise as part of the transition from on-premise software to cloud-based services.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Mike was with the law firm of Arnold & Porter in Washington D.C, where he represented clients in antitrust litigation matters and investigations by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. He has a law degree and a Master's degree in public affairs from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.

Selby Wilson

selby wilsonSELBY WILSON has over thirty years’ experience in both the public and private sectors. A Chartered Accountant by profession, in 1969 he joined Trinidad and Tobago Telephone Company and at the time of his departure in 1981, held the position of General Manager.

His highly developed social conscience led him into the world of Trinidad and Tobago politics and in 1986 he was the elected Member of Parliament for Point Fortin. He held the portfolio of Minister of Finance for the then Government until 1991 and is credited for introduction of the Value Added Taxation (VAT) system and for successfully navigating the waters of economic upheaval to restore the economic health of our country.

Following his political career, Mr. Wilson returned to the private sector, offering consultancy services, lecturing at tertiary level institutions in Financial Management and Management Accounting, and serving as a director on the Boards of several companies. In 1997 he joined the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organisations as Secretary General, a position he held for six years.

In 2004, he joined the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) as the Telecommunications Strategist, a position he still holds. In 2003 he commenced the Masters Degree programme in Telecommunications Regulation and Policy of the University of the West Indies. His determination and perseverance were rewarded when he graduated in April 2006 – the oldest student in his cohort.

Marcos Polanco

marcos polancoMr. Polanco is the Founder of innovation management software firm Decisive Growth; he started his career in Silicon Valley performing database research at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories that resulted in the TimesTen technology later acquired by Oracle. Mr. Polanco went on to various technical & managerial roles at Silicon Valley startups before co-founding Imana, Inc. in 1995 to commercialize social search algorithms he co-invented and patented. Returning to his hometown, he led the establishment of an undergraduate software laboratory at Interamerican University in Puerto Rico which released the open source SNAP Platform for Java developers. Subsequently, he joined the Government of Puerto Rico as Founding Director of its information technology investment promotion division. In that role, Mr. Polanco negotiated the launch of Microsoft, Honeywell Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, and HCL Axon technology centers on the island. Returning to private industry, he has cultivated the startup community as co-organizer of Startup Weekends, and co-director of the Founder Institute. As COO of medical device startup iCare Medical, he played an integral role in opening the United States, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico markets for the company. Mr. Polanco holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University.

James Bynoe

james bynoeThe Caribbean Cyber Security Center was formed by Mr. James Bynoe (Founder) Mr. Deon Olton (co-founder). The Caribbean Cyber Security Center is a “new” regional organization based in Barbados in support of the region and has assembled a first of its kind team of cyber security consultants. The mission of the Caribbean Cyber Security Center is to raise awareness of Cyber Security and assist in the protection of Caribbean private and public information systems and data assets. Mr. Olton, who is based in Barbados, has over 18 years’ experience in IT field, including over 10 years as a Telecommunications and Network Vulnerability Consultant. For the last five years he has been a certified Ethical Hacker.

Over the last 13 years Mr. Bynoe has been on the forefront of the Global Cyber Security War in support of fortune 100\500 ICT firms like CSC, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin, and have supported clients like NASA, NOAA, EPA, American Red Cross, and NIH in establishing and maintaining effective cyber security postures.

Mr. Bynoe has seen both ends of the global cyber security challenge and lots in between. Mr. Bynoe has been recognized for successfully taking the US EPA National IT Security Program from an overall security compliance rating of (D) to a sustained (A) rating, an organization with a footprint of 15,000 users spanning 50 states.

Together the wealth of experience that Mr. Olton and Mr. Bynoe brings in the area of Cyber Security will allow regional governments and organisations to gain easier access to international high quality Cyber Security Consulting services to raise awareness and protect and defend our fragile economies.

Annalee C. Babb

annalee babbDr. Annalee C. Babb is an international consultant with more than ten years in executive management designing and guiding distributed public-private research, knowledge, business, innovation, communications and investment networks. She specialises in the strategic implications of new digital technologies, media and frameworks and the ways in which they affect how various private and state actors function. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ACB Knowledge Consultants Inc., a Caribbean-based consulting firm focussed on leveraging digital economy opportunities and reducing the associated risks for a diverse clientele.

Dr. Babb has extensive practical experience in marketing and promotion and brand development/brand management, particularly as they relate to new social media networks. She also has a strong research, policy planning, and implementation background in the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), information and communications technologies (ICTs), the new digital media, public broadcasting, national systems of innovation, and public sector governance.

She is the Project Specialist on Marketing, ICTs, New Media, Finance, SMEs and the creative industries for the Development of a Tourism Master Plan on behalf of the Government of Barbados. She is also an SME mentor on business strategy and development for ICT, e-commerce and other start-ups in Barbados and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Single Market (CSM). Dr. Babb has spoken on Creating the Paradigm Towards Innovation and Technology as Tools for SME Growth at the Barbados Small Business Association’s SME Roundtable on The Internationalisation of SMEs: Creating Graduation Models for the Growth of Small Businesses, held at The Savannah Hotel, Christ Church, Barbados.

She is currently a member of the International Advisory Board of The Research Council of the Sultanate of Oman, and the Barbados Small Business Association (BSBA) Representative on the National Steering Committee for the Implementation of Barbados’ National ICT Strategic Plan. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Barbados Small Business Association’s Small Business Venture Capital Inc., as well as of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries (BCSI).

Dr. Babb received her Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, where she successfully defended her dissertation on “Small States, the Internet and Development: Pathways to Power in a Global Information Society”. She also holds the degrees of Master of Arts in International Law and Diplomacy, and Bachelor of Arts with honours in Mass Communications, Journalism and Political Science.

Akenaton LaBorde

akenaton labordeMr. Akhenaton Laborde is the founder and Managing Director of Mobile Applications and Programming Protocol Solutions (MAPPS) and is the creative mind behind the popular application, Mobomess. Laborde also founded Toppers Entertainment, as well as an online station, My Static TV.

Laborde’s ‘apps’ have attracted the attention of investors from European market and he continues to strengthen and diversify his products and services.

Laborde believes in providing opportunities for youth development and organises the annual ARENA gamming tournament targeted at primary and secondary school students.

Laborde has presented at several Caribbean ICT Roadshows and continues to spread awareness of the potential of mobile technology. His goal is to develop high quality, customised applications and solutions to his clients, while promoting the development of innovation in ICT in the Caribbean.

Shiva Bissessar

shivaICT practitioner with MBA (UWI) and MSc, Information Security, (University College London) qualifications and 17 years of experience. 5 years spent in Senior Professional roles with system integration or technical lead responsibilities, delivering major projects.

Currently runs a small consultancy firm in Trinidad and Tobago specializing in provision of technical advisory on clients' efforts in developing ICT and Information Security policies, regulations and governance strategies.

Keen interest in developing local awareness on issues of cybercrime, cloud computing (data privacy concerns) and digital currencies.

Gonzalo Ayala

jorge gonzaloGonzalo es Ingeniero en Sistemas Electrónicos y posee una Maestría en Concepción y Arquitectura de Redes de la Escuela Superior de Telecomunicaciones de París. Cuenta con una amplia experiencia en el sector de las TICs, incluyendo la gestión e implementación de redes de telecomunicaciones y mantenimiento de sistemas de información complejos.
Desde 2006, Gonzalo se especializa en la formación a distancia y en el intercambio de conocimientos, desarrollando y difundiendo los cursos del Programa TrainForTrade de la UNCTAD. Es el responsable del Programa TrainForTrade en América Latina y el Caribe y del Programa de Capacitación Portuaria de la red de habla hispana.onzalo es Ingeniero en Sistemas Electrónicos y posee una Maestría en Concepción y Arquitectura de Redes de la Escuela Superior de Telecomunicaciones de París. Cuenta con una amplia experiencia en el sector de las TICs, incluyendo la gestión e implementación de redes de telecomunicaciones y mantenimiento de sistemas de información complejos.
Desde 2006, Gonzalo se especializa en la formación a distancia y en el intercambio de conocimientos, desarrollando y difundiendo los cursos del Programa TrainForTrade de la UNCTAD. Es el responsable del Programa TrainForTrade en América Latina y el Caribe y del Programa de Capacitación Portuaria de la red de habla hispana.


Julie Napier Zoller

julie zollerJulie Napier Zoller joined the International Communications and Information Policy Directorate at the U.S. Department of State as the Senior Deputy Coordinator and Director of the Office of Multilateral Affairs in March 2013. She has primary responsibility for formulating and coordinating U.S. telecommunications and information policy relative to multilateral organizations, including the International Telecommunication Union, Organization of American States, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Prior to joining the State Department, Ms. Zoller was the Deputy Associate Administrator International Spectrum in the Office of Spectrum Management at the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA). In her role at NTIA, she guided international activities affecting federal use of the radio frequency spectrum with a particular focus on the ITU, spectrum policy, and satellite communications. She was elected in 2006 and again in 2010 to the ITU's Radio Regulations Board.

Ms. Zoller spent 14 years at ITT Information Systems (now ITT Exelis) where she directed a program providing spectrum management support to the federal government. Ms. Zoller served the Department of Defense as an electronics engineer early in her career, fielding defense satellite communications systems. She also performed environmental impact assessments for nuclear projects with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Ms. Zoller graduated cum laude from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where she received a Bachelor of Science (engineering science) and earned a Master of Science in Business Administration from Boston University.

Jorge Navarro Isla

jorge navarroAbogado egresado del Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) (1998). Estudios de Postgrado: Diplomado en Telecomunicaciones (1999) y en Seguridad Informática (2004), ITAM; Maestro en Derecho de las Tecnologías de la Información y de las Comunicaciones (TICs) del Queen Mary and Westfield College de la Universidad de Londres, Reino Unido (2000); Asociado senior en el Despacho González Calvillo, S.C., encargado de la práctica de protección de datos personales y (2010 - ); Asesor de la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Comercio y Desarrollo (UNCTAD) para América Latina en temas regulatorios vinculados con el comercio electrónico (2007- ); Miembro de la Delegación Mexicana del Foro de Cooperación Económica Asia Pacífico (APEC) (2008); Consultor de la Asociación Mexicana de Internet -AMIPCI (2008 -), de la Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (2007) y de diversas empresas líderes del sector de las TIC, las telecomunicaciones y del sector financiero; Miembro del Comité de Expertos de la Comisión de Comercio de la Cámara de Diputados de la LVIII Legislatura para las reformas al Código de Comercio en materia de Firma Electrónica (2003); Ex-Director de Proyectos Especiales de la Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones; Autor de diversas iniciativas de ley en materia de delitos informáticos y temas de ciberseguridad a nivel federal (2003-); Coordinador y Co-autor del Libro "Tecnologías de la Información y de las Comunicaciones: Aspectos Legales", ITAM-Porrúa (2005); Profesor en diversos programas de postgrado del ITAM (2003-).
Education: Technological Autonomous Institute of Mexico (ITAM) Mexico (1997), Year of call: (1998). Postgraduate studies: Specialization in Telecommunications (1999) and Information Security (2004), ITAM; LL.M. in Information Technology and Communications Law, Queen Mary and Westfield College of the University of London, UK (2000); Senior Associate at González Calvillo, S.C., in charge of the Data Protection Practice (2010 - ); Consultant to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development -UNCTAD in ITC and e-commerce Law and Policy in Latin-America (2007-); Member of the Mexican Delegation to Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation - APEC - Privacy Subgroup (2008); Consultant to the Internet Mexican Association (AMIPCI) (2008 -), the Consumer Protection Agency (2007) and diverse leading companies of the ITC, the telecommunications and the financial sectors (2003-); Member of the Committee of Experts of the Trade Commission of the House of Deputies for the reform of the Commercial Code regarding E-Signature (2003); Former Director for Special Projects at the Federal Telecommunications Commission (1998-2000); Author of diverse proposals to the Mexican Congress to amend the Federal Criminal Code in Cyber crime and Cyber security issues (2003-); Coordinator and Co-author of the "Information Technology and Communications Law", ITAM-Porrúa (2005); Professor at diverse Post Graduate programs at ITAM (2003-).

Robert Pepper

robert pepperVice President Global Technology Policy Cisco
Robert Pepper leads a team driving Cisco's global agenda for advanced technology policy in areas such as broadband, IP enabled services, wireless, security and privacy and ICT development including working with governments across the globe on developing national digital and broadband strategies.

He joined Cisco in July 2005 from the FCC where he served as Chief of the Office of Plans and Policy and Chief of Policy Development beginning in 1989 where he focused on issues cutting across traditional boundaries and led teams implementing telecommunications legislation, planning for the transition to digital television, designing and implementing the first U.S. spectrum auctions, and developing policies promoting the development of the Internet.

Before joining the FCC, he was Director of the Annenberg Washington Program in Communications Policy. His government service also included Acting Associate Administrator at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and initiating a program on Computers, Communications and Information Policy at the National Science Foundation.

His academic appointments included faculty positions at the Universities of Iowa, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, and as a research affiliate at Harvard University. He serves on the board of directors of the U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), advisory boards for Columbia University and Michigan State University, and is a Communications Program Fellow at the Aspen Institute. He is a member of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Spectrum Management Advisory Committee and the UK's Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board.
Pepper received his BA. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Marlon Fetzner

marlon fetznerMarlon Fetzner, actual Director de Asuntos Legales y Corporativos para Microsoft América Central, Caribe y Países Emergentes, quien lleva una trayectoria de 11 años en Microsoft en diversas áreas. El señor Fetzner se ha desempeñado como abogado de Microsoft América Latina especializado en temas de privacidad y seguridad en la red, también fue Director de Licenciamiento y Servicios para Microsoft Latinoamérica. Anteriormente fue abogado para Microsoft Brasil responsable del área de Propiedad Intelectual. Es abogado de la Pontificia Universidad Católica do Río Grande do Sul, Brasil. Tiene una Maestría en Derecho Comparado de la Universidad de Miami, donde ganó el Premio CALI por su excelencia en el estudio de del Derecho de la Computación.


Eduardo Santoyo

eduardo santoyoComo Vice Presidente de Asuntos Corporativos e Institucionales y Gerente del ccTLD estará Eduardo Santoyo. Eduardo fue Gerente de la Red Científica Peruana, y tuvo a su cargo la definición e implementación de políticas para el .PE, ccTLD de Perú durante más de 7 años. Su experiencia con los entes de gobierno del sistema de dominios (ICANN, LACTLD, y demás) es invaluable para la futura administración del .CO ya que aporta un sello de confianza para la comunidad de Internet local y global. Eduardo es administrador de empresas de la Universidad de la Sabana (Colombia) y cuenta con un MBA de la Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (Chile) y del INCAE (Costa Rica).


Oscar A. Messano

oscar messanoPresident of eCom-Lac - American Federation and the Caribbean for Internet and Electronic Commerce. International based in Uruguay. Founder and current Vice President of CABASE - Cámara Argentina de Internet. President of LACNIC - Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean. Uruguay-based International  Director ISOC-AR - Argentina Chapter - Internet Society. Rapporteur of the Internet Matters CCPI CITEL / OAS. Specialist ITU.

Academic area:President of CCAT-LAT - Center for Advanced Technology Training.

Private area:Tecnomedia CEO - Digital Media - Radio and Internet TV. Radionexo media director and Nexotv (Radio and Television on the Internet)

Olga Cavalli

olga cavalliOlga Cavalli is a member of the MAG, Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the United Nations Secretary General for the Internet Governance Forum. As an advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, she has represented Argentina in the WSIS Second Phase held in Tunis, and in several other international summits and fora.
She is the Argentina representative in the GAC of ICANN (Governmental Advisor Committee), and was a member and vice chair of the GNSO of ICANN. She was the argentine focal point for the eLAC Regional Information Society Plan of Action for Latin America. There she was coordinator of the Internet Governance Working Group and former coordinator of the Financing working group.
She is a professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires and at the Diplomacy Career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is an Electronic and Electric Engineer, MBA, Master in Telecommunication Regulation and a PHD in Business Direction.
She has published more than 100 articles in magazines, newspapers, and several book chapters in subjects related with technology, ICTs and Internet.
Ms. Cavalli is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and German. She is based in Buenos Aires and is the mother of Juana and Federico.

Adrián Carballo

adrian carballoAdrián Carballo es el Director de Relaciones Institucionales de la Escuela del Sur de Gobernanza de Internet. Es asesor de UNESCO en proyectos de conectividad y contenidos para escuelas rurales, bibliotecas digitales y comercio electrónico para el desarrollo y la integración de cooperativas rurales. Es el Coordinador de la Comisión de Tecnología del Comité Asesor de Integración Productiva para el MERCOSUR en la Subsecretaría de Integración Económica para América y el MERCOSUR en el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Argentina. Es el Coordinador de la Comisión de Financiamiento del Plan de Acción Regional para la Sociedad de la Información eLAC (Plan Regional para la Sociedad de la Información de América Latina y el Caribe). Previamente a estos cargos, se desempeñó como Asesor en tecnología de la Secretaría de Comercio Internacional en los programas de apoyo a la Integración Productiva de las PYMEs para concretar sus primeras exportaciones. Ha desempeñado funciones para Telefónica Data Argentina (Advance) en la Dirección de Marketing. Ha estado involucrado en el Programa de Capacitación de los Aspectos Jurídicos del Comercio Electrónico - Ciberlegislación - organizado por la UNCTAD y el Gobierno de España. Adrián Carballo es Miembro del Board del Capítulo de ISOC Argentina y un activo participante de las reuniones de ICANN, LACNIC e IGF.

Shernon Osepa

shernon osepaMr. Shernon Osepa is the Manager, Regional Affairs for Latin America & The Caribbean Bureau of the Internet Society (ISOC).

Prior to joining ISOC, Mr. Osepa was the Manager Regional Relations Caribbean for ICANN for more than three years. Before ICANN he worked as a Policy Advisor with the Telecommunications & Post Regulatory Authority (Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post) in the Netherlands Antilles for almost 6 years. Previously he worked with the local telecommunications incumbent operator UTS/Setel in Curacao, for almost nine years.

Mr. Shernon Osepa is a national of Curacao. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University for Professional Studies in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University for Professional Studies in Enschede the Netherlands and a Master's degree in Telecommunications Regulation and Policy from the University of the West Indies in Trinidad & Tobago.

He is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento and has a working understanding of French.

Mr. Osepa is based in Curacao.

Alfredo Alejandro Reyes Krafft

aarkDoctor en derecho, con mención Cum Laude, por la Universidad Panamericana; Posgrado en dirección de empresas (D1) en el Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas (IPADE) y curso de especialidad en contratos y daños en la Universidad de Salamanca.

Ha sido Director Contralor Jurídico de Banco del Atlántico, Miembro del Comité Consultivo de NIC MÉXICO y Presidente de la Asociación Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI)

Actualmente es: Innovation Concepts Regulation Director en Grupo BBVA y Socio Director Fundador de Lex Informática Abogados

Además es Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de la Asociación Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI), Coordinador del Grupo de Trabajo de Banca y Comercio Electrónico de la Asociación de Banqueros de México, Secretario del Consejo Directivo de GS1 México (Asociación Mexicana de Estándares para el Comercio Electrónico AMECE), Vicepresidente de la Comisión de Economía Digital de la Cámara Internacional de Comercio (ICC México); Miembro del Instituto del Derecho de las Telecomunicaciones; Integrante del Grupo Impulsor de la Legislación en materia de Comercio electrónico (GILCE). Colaborador de la comunidad Alfa-Redi e Integrante del Capítulo Mexicano de Internet Society

Obtuvo el b:Secure Award 2009 y además el Reconocimiento AMIPCI a la trayectoria en Internet (2008 y 2012) de manos de la comunidad de socios y asociados de la Asociación Mexicana de Internet

Primer mexicano en obtener la certificación CDPP (Certified Data Privacy Professional) de parte del Data Privacy Institute en ISMS Forum Spain. Esta certificación acredita un alto nivel de especialización en la normativa en materia de Protección de Datos de carácter personal, tanto en un contexto europeo e internacional, así como un dominio de los fundamentos que rigen la Seguridad de la Información.

Profesional Certificado en Protección de Datos Personales en Seguridad de la Información por Normalización y Certificación Electrónica, S.C. (NYCE). Certificado Senior número CSDP-008-13 con una vigencia de 3 años a partir del 7 de junio del 2013

Hasta 2013 profesor titular de la Cátedra de Derecho Informático (Informática Jurídica) en el posgrado en derecho de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México –UNAM-; Profesor de la Universidad Panamericana (posgrado en derecho), de la Maestría en Derecho de las Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones en INFOTEC y del Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey –ITESM- (Universidad Virtual). Maestro de la cátedra de Comercio Electrónico en el doctorado en derecho privado de la Universidad de Salamanca.

Autor del libro “La firma electrónica y las entidades de certificación” publicado por Editorial Porrúa en 2003 (dos ediciones). Coautor de los libros: Tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones. Aspectos legales; Porrúa-ITAM, 2005, Protección de Datos Personales. La voz de los actores; Editorial Tiro Corto Editores, Primera Edición 2010; Los Datos Personales en México. Perspectivas y retos de su manejo en posesión de particulares; Porrúa-UP, 2012; La Protección de los Datos Personales en México; Tirant Lo Blanch, 2013; Autor de la voz: Legislación Mexicana en materia de Protección de Datos Personales; Autorregulación y Sellos de Confianza en la Obra Jurídica Enciclopédica (Volúmen Derecho Informático e Informática Jurídica) publicada por Editorial Porrúa y el Centro de Investigación e Informática Jurídica de la Escuela Libre de Derecho (coordinada por Juan Pablo Pampillo y Manuel Alexandro Munive) México 2012 e Internet. Columna vertebral de la sociedad de la información. Miguel Angel Porrúa-ITESM 2005

William J. Drake

william drakeWilliam J. Drake is an International Fellow and Lecturer in the Media Change and Innovation Division of the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich, where he teaches courses on Global Internet Governance, The Changing NetWorld Order, The Internet and World Politics, and the Internet and Social Change. He is also the elected Chairperson of the 320-member Noncommercial Users Constituency and an elected member of the Board of Directors of the European At Large Organization in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the UN's Internet Governance Forum; a member of the multistakeholder 1Net Steering Committee; an advisor to the high-level Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms; a core faculty member of the European and South Schools on Internet Governance; and an Affiliated Researcher at the Institute for Tele-Information at Columbia University.
Drake received his M.A., M.Phil, and Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University.

 Pedro Less Andrade

pedro less andrade-Lawyer, Law School, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Master Degree (LL.M) University of Georgia, thesis on international regulation of electronic commerce.
-Associate (i) Professor of Electronic Banking Law and Invited Professor of Legal and Operative Aspects of Electronic Commerce. Law School University of Buenos Aires.
-Coordinator and Professor of the On-line Update Program on Computer Law (since 2001).
-Invited Professor of Postgraduate Studies on Computer Law and New Technologies at different universities.
-Professor at the update program of Contemporary International Businesses and Commercial Law, Graduate School of Law University of Buenos Aires (since 2005). Invited Professor of the intensive course on MERCOSUR International Commercial Law (2005).
-Technical Coordinator of Academics Teams and Legal Analyst of NATIONAL LEGAL DIGEST PROJECT (Law No. 24.967), Ministry of Justice (Argentina) and Law School University of Buenos Aires.
-Advised the Argentinean Congress on draft bills on Computer Crimes and Electronic Commerce.
-Published articles on his specialty and delivered conferences related to ICT Law and Public Policy in Latin America.
-Worked in areas of his specialty in Argentinean Law Firms (Altmark & Brenna and Alvarez Prado & Asociados).
-Currently, he is the Latin American Policy Counsel in charge of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Spanish Speaking Latin America at Google Inc.

Julio César Vega Gómez

julio cesar vega gomezEl Director General de la Asociación Mexicana de Internet (Amipci), es abogado egresado de la Universidad Intercontinental, con maestría en Derecho de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones en la Universidad de Oslo, Noruega. Ha sido Subdirector de Normatividad en Comercio Electrónico en la Secretaría de Economía, dónde trabajó en temas como la Protección de Datos Personales y la regulación de los mensajes de datos no solicitados, y mantuvo una estrecha relación con la industria de las tecnologías de la información. También fue delegado mexicano en el Grupo de Manejo del Comercio electrónico del foro para la Cooperación Económica Asía Pacífico APEC, primordialmente con la implementación de lineamientos de privacidad. Coordinó esfuerzos con la industria de tecnologías de la información en temas jurídicos de relevancia internacional.

Philipp Grabensee

philipp grabenseePhilipp Grabensee is Chairman of the Board of Afilias Ltd. Since 2003 and was Member of the Names Council of ICANNs Domain Name Supporting Organisation (DNSO). He studied law and philosophy at the Free University Berlin and the Rheinischen-Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn. He is an attorney with SHSG in Düsseldorf.




Sergio Carrera Rivas Palacio

sergio carreraSergio Carrera holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a master in administration from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. He has also pursued further academic studies regarding public administration, public finance and design and management of franchise systems.

He assumed his current position as CEO of the Fondo de Información y Documentación para la Industria, INFOTEC, in 2010, which is part of the network of public research centers of the National Council of Science and Technology.

Mr. Carrera served as Director General of Internal Commerce and Digital Economy in the Ministry of Economy from 1997 to 2009 and was Chief of Staff of the Undersecretary for Internal Commerce in the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development from 1995 to 1997. He held several managerial and policy positions at the Ministries of Economy, Finance and Planning and Budget from 1985 to 1996.

He was the corporate director for special projects at Sukarne, the leading national meat producer, from 2009 to 2010.

Mr. Carrera won the National Award for Logistics 2009. He was Vice President of Government Affairs of the Mexican Association of lnternet. At different periods he sat on the Board of Directors of public sector banks, retail stores, financial and communication institutions.

Albert Daniels

albert danielsAlbert joined ICANN in 2013. He is located in Saint Lucia and is a member of the GSE team. Albert's responsibilities include developing and executing the organization's strategic and tactical objectives in the region. Prior to working at ICANN, Albert served as an IT/IS Auditor & ICT Consultant at Creative Technology Solutions Limited (CTSL). He also held the position of Regional IT Manager at KPMG Eastern Caribbean, and Accounts Supervisor/IT Trainer/Group IT Director at ISIS World Corporation. Albert served on numerous boards and has broad internet/technology related experience. He has attended many of the ICANN meetings; having been involved in the Fellowship program as both a fellow and mentor.

Albert holds his Bachelors of Business Administration in Information Technology from Monroe College. He also completed additional coursework in Project Management from the University of Cambridge and holds multiple certifications and training credentials. Albert is fluent in English and conversant in Spanish, French, Norwegian and French Creole.

Avri Doria

avri doriaMs. Doria has been an itinerant researcher for over a decade. She was chair of the ICANN Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) Executive Committee, was chair of the ICANN GNSO Council, was a participant in WSIS and is a participant in post WSIS civil society, was coordinator of the civil society Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) and was a member of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG). She spent 5 years working for the IGF Secretariat and currently is a volunteer researcher for the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and is employed part-time as Vice President Policy and Governance at dotgay LLC.

As a technologist she has been involved in the development of Internet protocols and architectures for over 30 years, is a participant in the IETF, and past chair of the IRTF Routing Research Group. Her ongoing research involves methods of bringing the Internet into Communications Challenged Communities, using Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN) architecture/protocols.

Ms. Doria is a member of the faculty of the International Summer Schools on Internet Governance. In the past she held an Adjunct Professor appointment at Luleå Technology University. Ms. Doria has a BA from the University of Rhode Island, an MA from the University of Chicago in Philosophy and an MA from Rhode Island College in Counseling Psychology. Further information can be found at:

 Don Blumenthal

don blumenthalDon Blumenthal is Senior Policy Advisor to the Public Interest Registry, concentrating on security and stability, privacy, and DNS abuse and other law enforcement related issues. He also was appointed to the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee in 2011. In addition, Don is on the Board of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE).

Prior to joining PIR, Don was a consultant in Ann Arbor, specializing in information security natters. He also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan School of Information and the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice, teaching courses on information policy, enterprise security planning, contemporary privacy issues, and cybercrime and cybersecurity matters.

Don moved to Ann Arbor after being at headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission, where his last assignment was to create and manage the Internet Lab, the agency’s Internet investigations center. In addition, he provided legal and technical expertise for security and privacy investigations and policy projects and was involved in Internet governance policy initiatives. Prior to the Internet Lab, Don worked for the FTC in central IT and as a trial attorney. His career also includes time with another federal agency, in private practice, and on Capitol Hill.

Don has been a frequent speaker on the topics of Internet and information security and privacy. He also has been a major contributor to American Bar Association privacy, security, and cybercrime publications, as well as to the ITU Toolkit for Cybercrime Legislation, the Cloud Security Alliance’s Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing, and the 2011 Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design, & Construction prepared for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

Don was the recipient of numerous awards at the FTC, including the Award for Distinguished Service in 2006. He holds a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, a B.A. from Oberlin College, and a Certificate in Systems and Project Management from American University.

John Curran

john curranJohn Curran is the President and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), responsible for leading the organization in its mission of managing the distribution of Internet number resources in its geographic region. He was also a founder of ARIN and served as its Chairman from inception through early 2009.

John’s experience in the Internet industry includes serving as CTO and COO for ServerVault, which provides highly secure, fully managed infrastructure solutions for sensitive federal government and commercial applications. Prior to this, he was CTO for XO Communications, and was integral in leading the organization’s technical initiatives, network architecture, and design of leading-edge capabilities built into the company’s nationwide network. Mr. Curran also served as CTO for BBN/GTE Internetworking, where he was responsible for the organization’s strategic technology direction. He led BBN’s technical evolution from one of the earliest Internet Service Providers through its growth and eventual acquisition by GTE.

He has also been an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), having both co-chaired the IETF Operations and Network Management Area and served as a member of the IPng (IPv6) Directorate.

Lina Ornelas

lina ornelas-Lina Ornelas obtained her Law Degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and obtained her Masters in Law and International Cooperation from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium).

For more than twelve years, Ms Ornelas has developed her professional skills in the public sector, both in Mexico and in Europe, specifically, in the Ministry of Economy and the State Department in Mexico, as well as in the European Commission. In the State Department, she was Deputy General Director of the Unit for Legislative Studies, and as such, was part of the group that elaborated the initiative of the Access to Information Act presented by President Fox to Congress and participant in the negotiation for its approval. As well, Ms Ornelas was later Deputy General Director for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights within the State Department.

Ms Ornelas was the leading coordinator of various working groups in the Iberoamerican Net for the Protection of Personal Data. She is a member of different Editorial Boards like The Future of Privacy Forum with other experts in Privacy in Internet. Among many other activities, she is the co-writer of “Privacy and Human Rights Report” 2005, 2006 and 2007” published by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). She has also published “Protección de datos personales en México: El caso del Poder Ejecutivo”; “La Protección de Datos Personales de menores en las Redes Sociales Digitales y “La Protección de Datos en México en el sector privado” among several other academic articles in the field.

She was a research professor at CIDE and she worked for nine years at the Federal Access to Information and Data Protection Institute (IFAI) where she occupied different positions as General Director of Classified Information and Archives, General Director of Data Protection and Privacy Self-Regulation.

Currently she is the Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Mexico, Central America and The Caribbean at GOOGLE.

Maria Cristina Capelo

maria cristina capeloMaria Cristina se unió a Google México en enero de 2012 como especialista en el equipo de Políticas Públicas y Relaciones con Gobierno para México, Centroamérica y el Caribe, trabajando temas de libertad de expresión, derechos de autor, innovación, y emprendedurismo en Internet.

Dentro de Google su rol involucra también coordinar con un equipo global multidisciplinario la organización de iniciativas innovadoras que coloquen a Internet al centro de la vida política y social del país, lo que puede ir desde mapear los resultados de una elección hasta promover la conexión directa a través de tecnologías de políticos con ciudadanos.

Previo a su trabajo en Google, Maria Cristina fue investigadora del Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo, A.C. (CIDAC), desde donde coordinó la Red Mexicana de Competencia y Regulación, editó y supervisó la publicación de una decena de libros y documentos de análisis sobre órganos reguladores, la regulación en el sector petrolero, de gas LP, y en el mercado de afores escritos por colaboradores de la Red. Adicionalmente, impulsó desde el Centro la realización de videos educativos y concursos con universitarios para promover una mayor cultura de la competencia.

En su trayectoria profesional ha coordinado y participado en proyectos de investigación en temas de comercio exterior, productividad, pequeñas y medianas empresas, evaluación de proyectos gubernamentales, así como también análisis de impacto de la inversión extranjera en América Latina con la Comisión de las Naciones Unidas para el Comercio y Desarrollo (CNUD) en Ginebra, Suiza. Es egresada de la Maestría en Políticas Públicas de la Universidad de Duke, de la Licenciatura en Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales en la Universidad de Washington en St. Louis, Missouri.

Kerry-Ann Barrett

kerry ann barrettKerry-Ann Barrett has been practicing as an attorney-at-law for over eleven (11) years, with experience in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in both the private and public sectors

Mrs. Barrett holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in International Business with a Distinction from the European Business School London, England; a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados; Legal Education Certificate, Norman Manley Law School, Mona, Jamaica.

In more recent years Mrs. Barrett has gained considerable knowledge and experience in the area of electronic commerce, internet governance and cyber security. She has been the lead in the development of the legal framework for the Government’s Single Electronic Window Project known as TTBizLink, this framework is still being implemented and a member of the Inter-ministerial Committee for the development of a national cyber-security policy and legislation for cyber crime and the establishment of a national cyber security agency for Trinidad and Tobago of which she was the Chair of its Legal Sub-Committee. She has also represented the Government at many international forums including at the level of the United Nations

Her most recent appointment is that of Cyber Security Policy Specialist at the Organization of American States where she is offering technical advice to member state Governments on the development of their national strategy and providing hands on assistance in the drafting and finalization of same.

Karla Georgina Tapia Reyes

karla tapiaKarla Georgina Tapia Reyes has worked for the Mexican Government’s Ministry of Economy for the past seven years. She began her career with ProSoft as the head of the Counseling And Monitoring Department in 2006 and served as the coordinator of assessment reports in the same division from 2008 to 2009. Most recently she was the deputy director of the Mexican Internet Association and is currently the Deputy Director of Business Intelligence for Infotec.

She was graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 2001. She added a Master of Business Administration to her resume in 2011 from the same institution and she has taken multiple courses in various disciplines including Digital Marketing, Leadership and Marketing during the course of her career.


Wolfgang Kleinwächter

wolfgang kleinwaechterProfesor de Internet Policy and Regulation, Department for Media and Information Sciences, de la Universidad de Aarhus de Dinamarca.
Sus actividades académicas también incluyen la Universidad de Tampere, School of International Services, American University, Washington, D.C, Halle University, University of Moscow, University of Oerebro y Heilbronn Business School.
1994 y 1998 fue el Director del Inter-Regional Information Society Initiative (IRISI) de la Comisión Europea en Bruselas y Coordinador de la Saxonian Information Initiative (SII). Miembro del Directorio de Medienstadt Leipzig e.V., y un activo participante en ICANN en especial en reuniones del At Large Structure (ALS).
Relacionado con temas de Gobernanza de Internet desde 1997. Miembro del ICANN´s Membership Implementation Task Force (MITF/2000), ICANNs Interim At-Large Group (2001/2002), ICANN´´s Nomination Committee (NomCom/2005/2008), WSIS Civil Society Bureau (2002/2005) y del Panel de Altos Expertos en la Alianza Global para TICs y Desarrollo (GAID). Co Fundador y Director del "Internet Governance Caucus" (IGC/2002-2003). En 2004 fue seleccionado por el Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas como miembro del Grupo de Trabajo sobre Gobernanza de Internet (UN Working Group on Internet Governance, WGIG). Desde 2005 es miembro del MAG, Grupo Multiparticipativo asesor del Secretario General de Naciones Unidas para el Foro de Gobernanza de Internet.
Sus investigaciones se reflejan en más de 100 publicaciones internacionales, incluyendo cinco libros. Los artículos más recientes han sido publicados en Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review, Development, y Telecommunication Policy. Se desempeña como asesor del Directorio de Transnational Data and Communication Report, Computer Law and Security Report, The Journal of Media Law and Practice, y de Communication Law and Gazette.
Es miembro del Programme Committee para INET 2002. Co-fundador de GIGANET Global Internet Governance Academic Network, Internet Governance Summer School (SSIG) y del ICANN-Studienkreis. Es meimbro del International Council de la International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) donde el es co-director de la Law Section.

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Conferencia de las naciones unidas sobre comercio y desarrollo donde se realizá un estudio sobre las perspectivas de la armonización de la ciberlegislación en américa latina- Junio 2009

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Conferencia de las naciones unidas

Portada del informe de la conferencia de las naciones unidas sobre comercio y desarrollo

Estudio sobre las perspectivas de la armonización de la ciberlegislación en Centroamérica y el Caribe - 2009